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Olympus Thread Mfg.  
Olympus Thread Mfg. was inaugurated in 1908 in Nagoya, Japan, and is one of the most historical and experienced  manufactures in the Japanese thread industry. Today, it is a leading manufacturer of embroidery, crochet and lace-making  threads and knitting yarn
 Corporate Profile
Inaugurated September 1, 1908
Established    April 4, 1949
Capital   ¥200,000,000
President    Keinosuke Ohora
Main Office 4-92 Chikara-machi, Higashi-ku, Nagoya City, 461-0018,Japan
Factory  388 Ishizuka,Kamino,Inuyama City, 484-0077,Japan
Tokyo Branch  Manbo building 4F, 1-3-11 Asakusabashi, Daito-ku, Tokyo Japan
Affiliate Sanko Dyeing Co., Ltd.
  Major Product Lines
  Embroidery    Knitting Yarn Crochet Thread     Fabric (Kofu)
The above products have been exported to Asia, Europe and North America, and due to its high quality, the Olympus brand has enjoyed an outstanding reputation through out the world.
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