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Olympus Sashiko Correspondence Course

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Get a Certificate of the Completion!
1:Basic Course
(2 assignments)
$70.00 Certificate fees are included for Basic Course

(1) How to get Completion Certificate of "Basic Course"
Registration to Correspondence Course "Basic Course"
*Contact to EmmaCreation and pay for Tutorial fees(Material cost & Certificate fees are included)
Receiving Tutorial materials
*A set of Course materials will be sent to Attendee together with Registration number after the registration.
*Registration number will be required when Attendee requests the issue of Certificate to EmmaCreation.
*At the same time, Instructor's name and contact information will be informed.
learning of Sashiko and Completion of the assignment
*Read the text book to understand about"Sashiko"and its basic stitching techniques.
*After that, Work on the assignment.
*To ask any questions about the text book or the assignment, contact Sashiko instructor by phone or email.
Request for the Issue of Completion Certificate.
*After completing the assignment, the evidence which can show that the assignment was completed by Attendee is needed.
*Email/Mail EmmaCreation the photos of the assignment works & the comprehension test sheet together with Registration number.
Receiving of Completion Certificate
*EmmaCreation checks the registration number and evaluates the assignment & comprehension test.
*After the evaluation, Completion Certificate signed by president of Olympus Thread Mfg. will be mailed to Attendee.
(2) About the course
Objective Acquirement of basic knowledge of Sashiko and basic Sashiko stitching techniques.
Conditions - - -
Opening 5/21/2010
Tutorial Fees $70.00 (Tutorial materials & Completion Certificate fees are included.)
Certificate Issued by Olympus Thread Mfg. when the assignment works were completed.
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