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Olympus-kofu & Olympus fabric : A vintage cotton fabric with traditional Kimono patterns and smooth texture.

 What is Kofu?
"Kofu" originally means "traditional fabric" in Japanese. It has been made out of natural fibers such as silk, cotton and linen, and has been used for Kimono clothing as well as accessories and interiors for hundreds years in Japan. Today, they have many kinds of Kofu which were developed and refined locally and independently in many areas of Japan. Chirimen, Yuzen, Kasuri, Oshima , Sarasa and Ai are examples of Kofu, which derived from the methods of weaving and dyeing, or from the names of the fabric producing districts.

 What is Olympus-Kofu?
Olympus Thread Mfg. Co., Ltd. of Nagoya, Japan, one of the leading manufacturers of embroidery, lacing and knitting threads in Japan and throughout the world. In recent years, Olympus has introduced the finest cotton fabrics called "
By combining traditional Japanese weaving and dyeing methods with today's most advanced technology. Olympus has succeeded in printing Kofu's colors and patterns on natural cotton fabrics, and revived the traditional Japanese vintage textiles. The texture of Olympus-Kofu is soft and smooth; the luster is like silk. Once the garment made of Kofu is worn, people are so pleased with the quality and comfort that they keep coming back.

 What is Olympus-Kofu used for?
The beautiful colors, unique patterns and comfortable texture of Olympus-Kofu are suitable for clothing, accessories, home-furnishings and handicrafts. It is widely popular among the patch-work and quilting enthusiasts.

Chirimen A Japanese silk crepe made of coarse yarn with a dull finish.
Olympus recreated the Chirimen out of cotton fabric.
Yuzen A secret Japanese process of dyeing a painted fabric in which fidelity of pattern boldness of line, and rich coloring are retained. The patterns are inspired by flowers, birds, tress and nature.
Kasuri A handwoven Japanese fabric made by tie-dyeing yarns.
Traditionally, the fabric has been made of cotton with a pattern of irregularly shaped dots.
Ai A natural dyestuff extracted from the stems and leaves of indigo plants.
Sarasa A cotton fabric dyed with the colors used in the 13th century.
The patterns are often of people, flowers, birds, animals or geometric designs.
Tsumugi An obsolete, costly, narrow Japanese silk fabric made in the following fashion: first, a coarse cloth is woven with cotton wrap and thick silk filling; second, this fabric is run through a dye vat several times; third, it is buried in the ground until the cotton wart has rotted; lastly, the silk is rewoven into a fabric.
The result is a mottled design produced by undyed places in the silk yarn where the cotton warp prevented dye penetration. Olympus developed a cotton fabric similar to the true Tsumugi.
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What is Kofu?
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