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Fabric Top Sarasa Olympus-Wagara
Japanese Traditional Designs
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Manufacturer : Olympus Thread Mfg. (Japan)
Cotton 100% (Non-metallic )/ Plain woven fabric / Printed/Double dyed / Size: 43"(W) x 5.5 yard/bolt
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Click on the image to enlarge Colored by an Olympus New Designer
Sarasa Cotton 100% 43"(W) X 5.5-yard/bolt Made in Japan
Sarasa: A cotton fabric dyed with the colors used in the 13th century.
The patterns are often of people, flowers, birds, animals or geometric designs.
Hana Mon'yo (Flower)
KF-6181(Ivory) KF-6182(Red) KF-6183(Dark red) KF-6184(Blue)
Karabana Mon'yo
KF-6174(Dark blue) KF-6175(Purple) KF-6176(Dark red) KF-6177(Dark green)
European Sarasa
KF-6162(Pink) KF-6163(Blue) KF-6164(Beige) KF-6165(Ivory)
KF-6166(Red) KF-6167(Black)
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