Super-Ultra-Thin Batting
made in Japan
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Nakajima Polyester Batting
Super-Ultra-Thin BattingSuper-Ultra-Thin BattingSuper-Ultra-Thin BattingSuper-Ultra-Thin BattingSuper-Ultra-Thin Batting

Very low loft, high density provides a uniquely soft and uniform batting.
100% Polyester, no shrinkage, non-allergenic, non-bearding.
Easy to needle and quilt.
Stitches up to 5-8" apart.
Great for Hand and Machine quilting.
Hand and Machine washable. Dry cleanable.

Excellent for projects which need a thin and light lining such as
Quilted garment, Miniature quilt, Art quilt and Embroidery.

Ideal for use as design wall.
Fabric pieces can be attached and removed from the batting.

NK-1200P Package NK-1200P Super-Ultra-Thin Quilt Batting
NK-1200P (Sheet) + Swatch
Size: 36"W x 40"L / 90cm x 100cm
SRP : $17.60 / package

Roll : NK-1200R
Roll size : 36"(90cm)W x 22.2 yards(20m) / bolt
Roll volume: 6" x 6" x 36", Weight: 4.6lbs

(Roll volume: 15cm x 15cm x 90cm, Weight: 2.1kg)

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