Vinyl Chloride Hoop Frame
Made in Japan
Cross Stitch Kit Top Hoop frame EmmaCreation
Olympus Threads Mfg. is known as one of leading manufacturer of Embroidery threads all over the world.
Vinyl Chloride Hoop Frame
Used as a hoop while being stitched, used as a frame after stitched. 
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   FR-P109 FR-P110 FR-P111
   5.1" / 13cm inside-diameter 5.5" X 3.9" / 14cm X 10cm 6.1" / 15.5cm inside-diameter 
FR-P112 FR-P113   FR-P114 FR-P115
4.1" / 10.5cm inside-diameter  3.0" / 7.7cm inside-diameter   3.4" X2.6" / 14cm X 10cm   7.0" X 5.0" / 17.7cm X 12.6cm 
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