Deodorant Thread
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Deodorant Thread "Deodorey"
WeftYarn & PinkshWhite

Weaving thread

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Bobbin thread 110 yards

SRP $5.80/111 yard-reel
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Bobbin thread 1100 yards

SRP $33.00/1100 yard-cone
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You can use knitting
for Sock yarn
SRP $5.80/111 yards-reel
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Underwear, Socks, Caps, Hats
Sportswear, Athletic shoes
Gym-towels, Gym-bags(inner bag)
Bed sheets, Pillow cases, Towels
Landry hampers, Insoles, slippers
Stuffed animals, Wigs,Hairpieces
Pet collars and etc.
Body Odor Production Mechanism Deodorizing Mechanism
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