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Olympus Embroidery Thread
Olympus Thread Mfg. is one of the most histrical and 100-year experienced manufactures in the Japanese thread industry. The light and shade of Olympus threads is fine and consistent. Especially, its embroidery threads are glossy and beautiful. Its color is lasting and "Water proof".
Embroidery Color Book
Hand Embroidery
Stitching Lessom Kit

Shinji Katoh
Cllectable box
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Retail price : $1.00/skein
Embroidery floss #25
434 colors, 8.8 yards/skein
Cross stitch, Hand embroidery

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Pearl cotton #5
245 colors, 27.5 yards/skein
Needle point, Hardanger embroidery
Multi Color Mix #25
12 variegated, 13.3 yards/card
Needle point, Hardanger embroidery

#Shiny reflector floss
9 colors, 8.8 yards/skein
Cross stitch, Hand embroidery
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#25 Case

#5 Case

String II
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