Washing Instructions
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Washing Instructions
Do not wash stitched goods together with starched fabrics.

1: Use soap or cleanser suitable for colored fabrics in cold or lukewarm water, but do not used those cleansers which contain
     bleacher or fluorescent dyestuff. No particular attention is called for the water becoming colored.
     Wash on and rinse the color away in plentiful water.

2: Rinse in cold water after rinsing lukewarm water for several times, If hard water is only available,
     put 2 or 3 spoonful vinegar in 1 pint ( 5 or 6 spoonful in 1 liter ) water, thus color becomes vivid.

3: Do not keep wet stitched goods folded or heaped up.
4: Remove water as much as possible by handpress in keeping the stitched goods flat in towels.
    Then, spread them out in open air.

5: Iron the stitched goods on the back of the fabric which is placed between two towels.
    Warm iron is recommended and not hot one.
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