Stitching "Anytime, Anywhere"
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Stitching "Anytime Anywhere"  Pre-printed Sashiko Tsumugi Panel Cloth Pack
Designed/Arranged by Susan Briscoe
Tsumugi : An obsolete, costly, narrow Japanese silk fabric made in the following fashion: first, a coarse cloth is woven with cotton wrap and thick silk filling; second, this fabric is run through a dye vat several times; third, it is buried in the ground until the cotton wart has rotted; lastly, the silk is rewoven into a fabric. The result is a mottled design produced by undyed places in the silk yarn where the cotton warp prevented dye penetration. Olympus developed a cotton fabric similar to the true Tsumugi.  
Cloth: Kofu-tsumugi Yarn dyed, Cotton 100% , Pre-printed & Wash out, Size : 24" X 42.5" , 1 panel/package, "Traditional"and "Family Crests"  
Pattern A :  Traditional   Pattern B :  Family Crests
Deep red
Dark green
Deep red
Dark green
Indigo blue
Sumi black
Indigo blue
Sumi black
Light blue
Light blue
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Olympus Lame Spool for Embroidery and Sashiko
Length 50m/55 yards, 15 colors
 Rayon 63 %, Polyester 37% 50m/55 yard/spool 15 colors  
Size: #12  ET-Lame50-LA1 ET-Lame50-LA2   ET-Lame50-LA3
 ET-Lame50-LA4 ET-Lame50-LA5  ET-Lame50-LA6   ET-Lame50-LA7
 ET-Lame50-LA8 ET-Lame50-LA9  ET-Lame50-LA10   ET-Lame50-LA11
 ET-Lame50-LA12 ET-Lame50-LA13 ET-Lame50-LA14  ET-Lame50-LA15 
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