Sashiko Patch Cut Cloth for Quilting, Patch-working, and Mending.
SC-MCT Cloth Pack: TSUMUGI version
  Sashiko Pattern
Pre-printed Cut cloth
Olympus Kofu Tsumugi / Cotton100%
6 patterns on a sheet
Cloth size : 40" X 8"/sheet
(100cm X 20cm/sheet)

Deep red
Mouse gray
Malachite green
Greenish blue

Ultramarine Blue

Sashiko Patch Cloth & Tradtional Japanese Design fabric
Mending Kit    "SK-PMT1"
   Kit contents:  Sashiko Pattern Pre-printed #2008 Tsumugi cloth, Olympus Wagara Fabric #2000-4B, Thread, Needle & Thimble
SK-PMT1 Wagara Fabric   ex. Mat of Cutlery 
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Sashiko Patch
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