new Sashiko Stitch Sampler : Stitching and Weaving
Size: 13"(L) x 13"(H) (*:12-1/4" x 12-1/4") 
Asagao  Kikko-Hana-Zashi 
 4 skeins needed 6 skeins needed


SC-H1046  SC-H2046 SC-H1047  SC-H2047
  How to stitch Kuguri-sashi  
Step 1(1) Step 1(2)  Step 2  Done!
Stitch on printed lines
in vertical direction
Stitch on printed lines
in Horizontal direction
Weave a thread under the threads
of "Hitome-sashi" stitching.
 SC-H1046   SC-H1047
Finished Images
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