Fujix  Nylon 100%
Mono-filament "Monocolor"

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                                       Fujix Mono-filament "Monocolor" Thread #60 & #100 (Nylon 100%)
Since this thread is transparent as glass, ther is no need to select a color of thread matching the fabric,
and especially convenient for sewing fabric of multicolor.
Do no use it for clothes which may touch the skin directly, for its stiff end may damage the skin.
Suitable for interior goods and handicraft which require transparent and stiff thread.
        Product information was quoted from the Fujix Catalog.
Fujix Mono-filament "Monocolor"#Clear
#100 555 yards, Color: #Clear & #Smoke     SRP 9.00/reel
for Handcaft, Machine quilt, Interior
#60 1100 yards Color: #Clear only       SRP 23.00/reel
for Handcaft, Machine quilt, Interior

#60 333 yards Colors: 6 colors      SRP 9.00/reel,      for Handcaft, Machine quilt, Interior
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