Fujix  "Sparkle Lame"
Machine Sewing Threads 555 yards
Top Sparkle Lame 555 yards Sparkle lame 167 yards EmmaCreation Home
You can use it for both hand and machine sewing.
It makes your project look gorgeous if you use it for sewing spangles or beads on, and making decorative stitching.

Product information was quoted from the Fujix Catalog.
Fujix  100% Polyester
Decoration Machine Threads
 "Sparkle Lame" 555 yards
11 colors
40tex, 25 wt.
for Quilting, Sewing and Applique
Note: Lame threads tangle easily!!! When you sew the decorative stitches on a sewing machine, loosen the upper thread tension
and sew slowly. Always recommended to test-sew before you start on your project.
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