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Olympus Crocheting Pattern
Short-Sleeve Sweater 100

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U.S. #6

Emmy Grande 50g-ball
Short-Sleeve Cotton Sweater Instructions   
Materials Olympus Emmy Grande 50g-ball 5 balls and 3 small buttons Cotton 100%
Measurements To fit bust size 82cm. Length from Shoulder 53cm. Sleeve length 17cm.
[Instructions for Larger size Sweater : Under Constructions]
Gauge 2 Pattern stitches (12 sts.) and 5 rows measures 4.5cm (1 3/4") square.

Chain stitch

Single Crochet Stitch

sl st
Slip Stitch

Double Crochet Stitch

Pop st
Popcorn Stitch

Half Double Stitch
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Starting at lower edge, make 112 Ch., work straight 5 rows in pattern stitch.
6th row; decreasing 1 st at beginning and end of row, work across in pattern.
Continue decreasing every 6th row twice. Work straight 4 rows.

Next row: Increasing 1 st. at each end of row; work straight 3 rows in pattern.
Repeat increasing every 4th row twice. Works straight 4 rows.

Here shape armholes: Decreasing at both armhole edges, work 2 rows as shown in diagram .
Continue in pattern, work straight 6 rows in pattern.

Next row: divide for opening as follows: work across to center st., leave other half, turn.
Work straight in pattern 5 rows.

Shape neckline: Decreasing sts. in 4 rows as shown in diagram .

Next row; shaping neck and shoulder as shown in diagram . Break thread and fasten.

Attach thread at center st; work on remaining sts. to correspond with other side reversing shaping.
Work exactly as for back until armhole shaping is finished.
Here shape Neckline: work on beginning half only, decreasing at neck edge as shown in diagram.
Work straight 3 rows then shape shoulder as shown in same diagram. Break thread and fasten.

Attach thread to marked stitch in neckline, work to correspond with other side, reversing shaping.

Make 82 Ch; work in pattern stitch one row.

Shape Sleeve top; Decreasing at both end of every row as shown in diagram. Break thread and fasten. Make other Sleeve.

To Make up
Press parts lightly on wrong side under a damp cloth. Join shoulder, side , and sleeve seams; insert sleeves.

Yoke; With right side facing, attach thread to back opening, pick up 160 sts. around neckline and work in D.C..
*Next row; decreasing 14 sts. evenly across the row.* Repeat * * 3 times, 104 sts. remain.
6th(finishing) row; Work backward S.C. as follows; crocheting left to right direction just opposite from usual way.
*Insert hook both loop of next S.C.(right side), draw thread through to the front, thread over hook, draw through 2 loops.(completed stitch);
1 Ch, skip 1 S.C. of previous row,*  repeat * * across row.

Neck opening: Continue using this thread pick up S.C. to insure smooth finished surface; make Ch 4 button-loops on upper side opening 3 times, spacing evenly.
Cuff: Attach thread to sleeve seam, work 3 rounds in D.C. and 1 round of Backward S.C for finishing.
Waist band: Attach thread to side seam; work 5 rounds in D.C. and Backward S.C. 1 round.
Finishing: Press lightly yoke, cuffs, and waist band. Sew buttons in position.

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